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Chapter 2: page 60

Welcome to Iron Empress.

Olan, 1450: Young, stubborn and fearful, Kasora comes to the Nordi throne with one goal in mind; to not be like her war-like grandfather, Alari Seabreaker. But that goal may be hard to keep. Across the narrow southern sea, the Ansellan Empire looms; at it's head is a new emperor bent on converting the entire world to his will. Meanwhile, volatile mercenary Varia Hirore becomes Kasora's newest bodyguard... (Updates on a semi-weekly basis!)


I'm sorry for the delay guys! The comic is not on hiatus, I've just had a lot of irl stuff happen over the last few weeks (new job yay!) and it's cut into comic time.

Good news is that I got to straighten out some knots in the story and I'm steadily working on the next (very complicated) page so that should be up soon!

Thank you for reading so far!

- Solo

P.S: if you're curious, you can also check out Iron Empress on Tapastic!

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keep going!

The next page is coming along a bit slowly because of real life things, sorry!

In the meantime, you can visit the Iron Empress tumblr where a string of new art is being posted right now!

thanks for reading!

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Iron Empress tumblr!

Now open for all your Iron Empress needs, the Iron Empress tumblr!

Thank you for reading so far!

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Back from Hiatus!

And we're back with page 15 of chapter 2! Corrin receives a visit from a relative who is...not quite happy to see her.

What is his deal anyways?

I'm afraid I can't say....yet.

Thanks for sticking with Iron Empress so far!

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Updates resumed!

And we're back with chapter 2! We're finally getting off the damn mountain and I can quit complaining about drawing cave interiors and then.... move onto complaining about drawing trees. I'm sorry guys ;A;

Anyways! Come back next Friday for another update!

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End of Chapter 1 and Hiatus

And thats the end of Chapter 1! Come back in a few weeks for Chapter 2! We're finally getting off that damn mountain and into environments that don't involve caves, I swear.

See you all soon!

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Concerning Updates

At the moment, they are sporadic. I underestimated how much my day job would interfere and we're still here in chapter 1 when I wanted to finish it before the new year started. But there is good news: Chapter 1 will be ending this week...but this also leads to a bit of bad news. After chapter 1 is done, there will be a hiatus so I can get some rl things in order as well as plan out the next chapter.

In any case, thanks for reading this awkward first endeavor into webcomics so far!

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The rest of this year!

Work is kicking my ass still so the second of this week’s two-page update will be delayed until tomorrow at the latest.

After the upcoming conclusion of this chapter, there will be a longer hiatus. I’m shooting to resume updating after Christmas, maybe after New Year’s; this all depends on how comfortable I feel with how the next chapter is laid out, I’m still kneading out some kinks and adding some details here and there (at the same time, laying down further groundwork for later chapters).

So that’s the news here, thanks for reading and hope you all come back next week for more Iron Empress!

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