Gods and Goddesses


    The first, some say last, creator deity. Prone to loneliness, Luca spent a millennia creating minor spirits to take care of Olan, but found their creations were too afraid to forge friendships with the creator diety. And so, Luca devoted one year of labor into creating both of the twin goddesses, Niva and Sabbia, beings who were powerful enough not to be afraid of Luca.

    Worship of Luca became the first organized religion on Olan, but in Kasora's time, the Lucan religion had long been replaced by worship of the Twins and their Children.

  • The Twins and their Children
  • Niva

    Goddess of the Mountains and the Moon, Queen of Winter and the Keeper of the Wayward Dead.

  • Sabbia

    Goddess of the Seas and the Sun, Queen of Summer and the Hunter of the Wayward Dead.

  • Atuni

    Son of Niva and a minor river god, Atuni is the god of Spring; he is also the patron god of farmers and doctors.

  • Verato

    Son of Sabbia and a minor ocean god, Verato is the god of Autumn; he is also the patron god of hunters and travelers.


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